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Anything about my current projects or randomness


All of Me [Matt Murdock/Daredevil x Reader] Pt 2
You sighed, dropping your shoulders as you turned around. “Bryce…what the hell are you doing here? You almost got a nunchuck to the face.”
He chuckled, a wicked grin curling his lips. “Oh, sweetheart, I couldn't resist.” He stepped up to you. “You looked so good in that towel, your hair wet…” He ran a finger across the top of your shirt.
You slapped it away. “Cut it out, Bryce. You scared me half to death.”
“I want you to move back in with me.”
You laughed, throwing your head back. “No, you don’t. You just want to be the one who decides it’s over.” You leaned forward, smirking. “Well, make the decision, because it’s over.”
He gave you a strange look, glancing around the place. He fidgeted and then sighed, “How can you be so cold, huh?” He took a step away from you and began pacing.
“Cold? Again…you just don’t like being on the receiving end of
:iconsscejm4a:sscejm4A 74 69
All of Me [Matt Murdock/Daredevil x Reader] Pt 1
“All right, Dad, you wanna tell me why you bought this old boxing joint?”
“It was going to close, and I think enough things have closed in Hell’s Kitchen, lately, don’t you?”
You chuckled. “What do you know about running this kind of place?”
“I’m leaving that up to you. You’ve got the business degree and all those years of training, quite literally, under your belt.”
You ran your hand along the mat of the boxing ring, making a face when you pulled back dirt. “It will be nice to have my own place to work out in, anytime I want.” You turned and grinned at him. “Okay, I’m sold, but I’m guessing it doesn’t bring in much?”
“I’ve got a stack of paperwork to go through, but…for now, no, it doesn’t. It’s really more of a community service type project?”
You covered your face and laughed. “Oh, Dad, I love you. A brilliant investor, making mi
:iconsscejm4a:sscejm4A 114 71
(Commission) [Chris Redfield X Reader] (2/2)
As the B.O.W. was taken care off, it was time for the team to return their focus to their original mission and so, after a little spat between Piers and the mercenary which Chris had to abate, they headed off. All of you entered what looked to be a large house on the outside, but could actually be a testing facility for the C-Virus on the inside. Your eyes, ears, and other senses were alert as everyone headed inside, a feeling in your gut telling you the something was about to go terribly wrong. But what could it be?
So far, nothing seems to be out of order inside besides it looking abandoned, but there was something amiss there, but as said before you just couldn't tell what it is. Your query was answered at the sight of what seemed to be long glass containers scattered on the floor. Leaning downwards, you picked up one of the items and handed it to Chris who examined it closely until the sound of an unfamiliar voice was heard, startling everyone into putting their guard up and readyi
:iconyamialex:YamiAlex 40 5
(Commission) [Chris Redfield X Reader] (1/2)
It wasn't easy being a BSAA agent, what with having to face B.O.W.s almost all the time when normal people would cringe and run away at the mere sight of them. Then again who wouldn’t be scared of mutated beings whose only purpose is to cause death and destruction wherever and to whomever they are unleashed upon.  Heck, your parents even threw a fit when you told them that you would be joining the BSAA, which wasn’t even really part of the government, at first, because when you said that you were going to work for the government, they expected a simple desk job where you’d file papers all day and be stuck at a cubicle taking coffee breaks and flirting with male co-workers from time to time.
Imagine the shock on their faces when you told them about how you’d joined that organization, they at first told you again and again to reconsider and find another, more safer job than this, but you were adamant about staying and they conceded to your wishes soon enough.
:iconyamialex:YamiAlex 46 11
Chris Redfield X Reader My Name Is F/N Part 1/?
A/N: Hey guys. This is my first ever Resident Evil fanfic. This does take place during the beginning of the first game. Once I write more parts it will generally blend in with more games, mainly probably number 5, and the romance part will evolve over time. I only plan on making this max of 5-6 chapters, but if i get a popular demand for more I'll write more. Characters might be out of character a bit. Let me know if so. Your infected with the T-Virus after Wesker decided that he injected himself...blah blah blah. You'll know most of the story anyways, no purpose of me explaining. Let me know what you think, and if you have any questions let me know. Thx and I hope you enjoy. Here we go...
      Being the younger sister of Albert Wesker had its advantages and disadvantages. When Wesker injected himself with the T-Virus he 'experimented' on your body. You know this isn't an experiment, just because he has it in his
:iconwhoviansunite9:WhoviansUnite9 8 5
Lady in Black [Leon x Agent!Reader] Film Noir!AU
( Please listen while you read!)
[Leon’s P.O.V.]
Another day at work, wrapping up at 2:45 AM, but with my line of work, that was all too familiar...
Being an agent had always been so romanticized in story books and all those black and white pictures you catch in the movies nowadays, but they always forgot to mention just how...grueling and demanding the job was; long hours spent with paperwork, wandering foggy streets and musty alleyways with little to nothing to show for it, not to mention the moaning and groaning from the higher ups if something happened to awry. In truth, it was a job, just like any other. I just happened to be really good at a particular kind of work.
But, frankly, no matter how sleep deprived I got, I always loved these rare, quiet moments to myself.
Soft, jazz music filled the clouded atmosphere of the bar, and the stench of used cigars smashed into their trays was enough to make one gag. Except for a
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 47 8
His Valentine ~ { Piers Nivans x Reader }
Alone. Again. He promised that he would make it in time.
You are doing paperwork. On Valentine's Day. You should be walking around, kissing, cuddling or just simply be with your boyfriend. But your boyfriend Piers is on a mission in Italy.
You sigh. At least you are almost done with these tons of paperwork. Standing up to get a coffee you decide to walk around the bureaus for a bit. Sitting for hours just isn't comfortable after some time passed.
But once you are outside, you already regret your decision. Couples as far as you can see. They are laughing and cuddling and kissing and anything you miss right now.
Of course Piers is important and saving the world is way more important this stupid holiday.
But still, you are sad.
You sit down on a bench and sip your coffee. And you are not alone anymore. Jill Valentine, how convenient, sits next to you. She is alone today too, because Chris is on the same mission as Piers is in Italy. You look at one another. You both sigh and laugh.
:iconshyerue:Shyerue 26 3
Cold ? ~ Piers Nivans x Reader
"Okay, guys. I think we can start a camp here for tonight." Chris says and points to a small place with a river nearby.
You sigh and shiver.
This mission started 3 a.m. and you walked for hours.
"Okay, Andy and Ben, you get some wood for a bon fire."
The soldiers nod and set off to the woods.
"Who wants to go hunting ?" Chris asks the others.
As an answer he receives only clueless, bored or exhausted looks.
You groan, take a step forward and say "I volunteer."
Sighs of relief are heard behind you.
"Are you sure ?" Your Captain asks, putting his hand on your shoulder.
He always treats you like the daughter he never had and you see him like a father for the whole team.
You laugh and say "Captain, I'm not a little girl anymore. I think I can handle hunting down something we can eat."
Now he sighs and nods.
"Fine. But I want Piers to join you."
You blush.
Chris leans down and whispers "Two pairs of eyes are better than one."
He pulls away and winks, making room for the sniper to stand next
:iconshyerue:Shyerue 40 10
Zemyx - On My Birthday
Can you even see that I love you?
Demyx sighed as he stared at his slate haired best friend sitting across the table. The blond was tapping his pen on his notebook, damn that Vexen, if Demyx wasn’t so nice he’d probably hate his math teacher for giving them such homework.
“Are you stuck?” The blond focused on Zexion who had en eyebrow raised at him, looking at Demyx over his book and the blond blushed at the fact he’d just been caught staring.
Demyx grinned sheepishly “uh… yeah, you know how I am with Math,” the taller boy chuckled as Zexion rolled his eyes and walked around the table to look at Demyx’s work.
“You could have just asked you know, I would have helped.” Demyx blushed again, quickly hiding it by pretending to huff.
“Well I have to at least try to understand this on my own,” he said, pouting, as Zexion leaned in to take a closer look at the work in front of them, his hair brushing across Demyx’s ch
:iconsecret--writer:secret--writer 68 37
KH - Holding On by Chaltiere KH - Holding On :iconchaltiere:Chaltiere 168 19
Zemyx Valentine's Day
"Happy Valentine's Day Zexy!" Zexion looked up from his book to see Demyx holding out a box of chocolates.
"Haha, Zexy this is for you." Demyx handed the Schemer the heart-shaped box. "Umm, thanks Dem. I don't have anything for you though..." Zexion began, turning red. "Oh it's okay Zexy. I know how much you love me!" Demyx kissed Zexion smack on the mouth and grinned. Zexion dropped the box of chocolate on his lap in suprise. "Dem-Demyx!" "Haha I love you Zexy! See ya tonight!" Demyx winked and bounded out of the library.
" you too Dem," Zexion whispered to empty air as he watched Demyx leave the library. He took off the lid to the box and put a chocolate in his mouth. Hm, it's good Zexion thought and smiled.
:iconrikuxsoralover:RikuXSoraLover 16 8
Come on Sora, let's share this! by Xx-Syaoran-kun-xX Come on Sora, let's share this! :iconxx-syaoran-kun-xx:Xx-Syaoran-kun-xX 301 103 Soriku 05 - New by KokomiSou Soriku 05 - New :iconkokomisou:KokomiSou 83 5 Whats left Now by FennecRiku Whats left Now :iconfennecriku:FennecRiku 100 21 KH II - Perfect Match by CookieNatsu KH II - Perfect Match :iconcookienatsu:CookieNatsu 90 17 We Are Back... Together! by Xx-Syaoran-kun-xX We Are Back... Together! :iconxx-syaoran-kun-xx:Xx-Syaoran-kun-xX 332 84



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Candy Kerri Sephtis
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Hey guys! <3
My name is candy and I'm a cosplayer.
As well as a starting out model,actor,and kinda singer.
I'm also a youtuber but havnt posted much as well still in high school
and school takes up alot of my time.
Hope to find a cosplay group as that is one of my most wanted dreams xD
That's all Bye!

Estela productions is the one taking all of my photos
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  • Reading: fanfiction probabaly
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